Sugar Daddy Meaning and Dating Benefits

sugar daddy websitesA sugar daddy is a name attached to a man that is well rich and buoyant financially that is advanced in age and tends to spend its cash on young girls of age between 16-22 years, thus buying them gifts of all kinds and also doing what the young girls asked them to do. Another definition for the word Sugar daddy is a well buoyant older man who supports or spends extremely on a mistress, girlfriend or boyfriend, it's also put as someone gives and under an undertaking.

Sugar daddy is a man who dates a younger girl of less age and spends lavishly on her and buys gifts of different kinds in other to make the girl happy, it finally ends up sleeping with the old man for pleasure. The word sugar baby is put as the arrangement of a classy female student of college or high school with a wealthy old man, the sole aim of having a sugar baby or daddy as young girl or boy is having a strong intimacy and satisfy their sexual urge, which also goes along with several gifts of all kinds such as iPhone, necklaces, designers shoes, and others. In Sugar daddy websites, both parties that are involved in it, do so not only for sexual desires but also get the connection, friendship and been familiar among the elites in the society and also spending time together.


Dating a sugar daddy or baby attracts some benefits for both parties, these includes the following;

1. Most men that are involved in sugar baby dating really wants a closed intimacy and companionship and in return spends money in buying gifts for the ladies. In other words, they go into sugar baby dating to satisfy their sexual desires.

2. Sugar daddy dating with guys (gay) occur as a result of low financial condition for the guys and they do engage in it, for gifts of all kinds.

3. Sugar daddy helps in the payment of bills of their sugar babies who are in college, especially their tuition fees and also buying of textbooks e.t.c.

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